An X10 Camera System Is The Lowest Priced Video Surveillance System To Be Found Anywhere!

This web page discusses the pros & cons of using an X10 camera system as an extra level of home security protection. Many home owners have been installing video surveillance cameras as an extra level of security for their home & families over the past few years.

This is mainly due to more affordable pricing along with some beneficial technical advancements that have been made over the past 10 years.

Although reduced prices have made video surveillance systems much more affordable for many families, there are still many families due to this global recession that simply cannot afford these lower prices.

The X10 camera or an X10 camera system are priced much lower than other video surveillance cameras & systems.

A home owner could acquire a complete video surveillance system for their home for less than $300.00.

This is a complete system with 4 X10 cameras.

The Pros & Cons Of Using An X10 Camera System To Help Safeguard Your Home & Family!


The biggest problem with using a video surveillance system that uses X10 cameras for home security is that all X10 cameras are wireless cameras.

The problem with using wireless cameras in an outdoor environment is the reduced picture quality you will receive in poor weather conditions.

Over the years I have used several different types of wireless cameras in an outdoor environment & they all failed miserably in bad weather. I found the images I received were distorted & at times there was no image at all.

If you have a limited budget to work with & you are the type of individual who can live with the fact that you will have non-viewable images in poor weather, than you may want to consider an X10 video surveillance system.

You will not have any problems with the video signal for X10 cameras you set up inside your home.

The X10 cameras can be set up to record motion only. It comes with a video capture adapter that you can plug into a USB port on your computer & record all motion viewed by the cameras on your computer’s hard drive.

You will receive software that will help you set up your computer so you can view the cameras in your system on your PC’s monitor or from anywhere in the world you can log on to the internet.

The four X10 camera system comes with one pan & tilt base that any X10 camera will fit right into, along with a wireless remote that you can use to tilt the cameras up & down & from left to right.

The software will also allow you to perform the same pan & tilt functions using your computer or any other computer you can log on to the Internet with from a remote location.

Pros & Cons Of Setting Up X10 Cameras Inside Your Home!

As mentioned above you will not have any problems with receiving clear images from cameras you setup in your home & you can set it up to email you snapshots anytime motion inside your home is detected. You can have it setup to email snapshots directly to your cell phone.


All X10 camera systems come with a 4 channel video receiver that can be connected to your TV using RCA cables. Each channel will show the images captured by a specific camera.

If you have a neighbor who also uses X10 cameras, his/her video receiver would have the exact same channels.

The chances of your neighbor receiving a video signal from any camera you may have setup inside your home would be low but certainly not impossible.

It is a very worthwhile security feature to receive notification of motion being detected when all occupants of the home are out.

All X10 wireless cameras come with their own DC adapter. If you are worried about someone outside the home possibly receiving a video signal of some family activity happening inside, you can just unplug your interior cameras when you & other family members are at home.

The video surveillance system in my own home is hardwired but the only reason why I located a few cameras inside our home was to receive notification on my cell phone if motion is detected.

The central station that monitors our security system will call my wife’s & my cell phone first if the alarm system in our home is triggered.

With receiving notification from the central station & our video surveillance system at basically the same time, this will inform both my wife & I that this is not a false alarm & police need to be sent to our home immediately.

Receiving notification from two totally independent sources at the same time rules out any chances of what is happening in our home is a false alarm.


You could have the same setup using X10 cameras in your home & you can be notified your alarm system was triggered by a central monitoring station or a telephone dialer system.

With quickly informing the police that you had just received notification from two totally independent sources, they should also see that it is not a false alarm & dispatch a unit to your home immediately.

If you do decide to install X10 security cameras outside your home it is still important that you install wide angle peep holes in all your exterior doors.

This is an important security measure to take as you will be unable to receive clear consistent images from your security cameras in all weather.

With home invasion on the rise it has become increasingly important that we know who is outside our doors before we open them.

With A Limited Amount Of Funds Available To Protect Your Home & Family X10 Security Products May Be Just What You Need!

It is extremely important that we do whatever we can to ensure the safety, security & wellbeing of our homes & families.

Many people want to act responsibly in providing their home & family with an adequate level of security but due to these hard times we are living in many people only have a limited amount of security dollars to work with.

If you find yourself with a limited amount of funds available, you will find the large majority of X10 security products are being sold at very low prices.

I believe the best prices you will find for X10 products is from an online retailer called This company also manufactures the X10 products they sell & this is the reason why this website claims they have the best prices anywhere.


You will also find this company offers long term warranties & a high level of technical support for the products they manufacture & sell.

At the time this web page was published (Sept. 17/09) the complete 4 camera video surveillance system that was discussed above is retailing on the web site for $269.99.

All X10 products come with a 1 year warranty but you can pay a little more to extend that warranty.

For Example: The cost of extending the warranty on the video surveillance system discussed above is:

• 2 Year Extended Warranty Plus - $29.99

• 3 Year Extended Warranty Plus - $44.99

• 5 Year Extended Warranty Plus - $59.99

I sincerely hope you found the information on this web page to be of some benefit to you. You may want to bookmark this web site as it is only in the infancy stage of being fully developed & you will find additional web pages on home security added weekly.

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